beabadoobee Embraces the Chaos in Her Head in "If You Want To" Video


While  beabadoobee's simplistic songs let her angelic vocals shine through stripped-back instrumentals and production, her music videos hold nothing back. Her latest video for "If You Want To" is an experimental masterpiece toying with animation, lighting, and a myriad of unique effects that perfectly visualize the emotionally driven song.

beabadoobee, born Bea Kristi, is the indie-pop singer-songwriter of our dreams. The 18-year-old's  gentle approach to music is reminiscent of a relaxing stroll on the beach at sunset. beabadoobee is not only wise beyond her years, but also extremely cultured. Born in the Philippines and raised in London, beabadoobee's extensive experiences have shaped her into an inspiringly motivational artist. Her songs stray the line between childhood nostalgia and adulthood coming-of-age tales and prove that she isn't just a teenager singing words without a purpose. She creates music to make others feel better, and overcome their woes, as she illustrated  in a conversation with VICE,

"I want to make sure that people listening to my music all know everything is going to be fine: it's all Gucci at the end. Even though it's shit right now, it's gonna be fine. I feel like there's not a lot of music that explores subjects which are quite scary to talk about, like people don't talk about scary feelings that are intimidating, but it's okay to have intimidating feelings."

The video for "If You Want To" provides a communal space for those who do not have the answers to all of their questions. The video heavily utilizes the color red to portray the sense of ensuing chaos in her mind. The set shifts frequently between beabadoobee's regular cozy bedroom to a plain white space, at times cast in red light. We do not know if they are hallucinations or dreams induced by a prescribed little pill, but one thing is for certain. The visuals are stunning and a perfect representation of  beabadoobee's  extraordinary creativity.  

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