beabadoobee Weaves a Tale of Cosmic Adoration in "She Plays Bass"


There is a unique familiarity to beabadoobee. Evocative of '90s cult legends Lush, Pavement, Asobi Seksu, Life Without Buildings, Slowdive, Pixies, Cocteau Twins, and a host of other bands that paved the way for the modern era of indie rock and dream pop, the London-based newcomer is not to be overlooked. It is a notion she wholeheartedly turns into fact in her latest phenomenal single.

"She Plays Bass" simultaneously feels like a track emblematic of its time and like it could have been ripped straight from the catalog of any great '90s indie rock band. The lead single from beabadoobee's forthcoming Space Cadet EP, which is set to release this October, "She Plays Bass" sees the London upstart balancing her ethereal vocals and a cutting deluge of instrumentation to wondrous effect.

More than just yet another illustration of beabadoobee's penchant for crafting sonic offerings rife with depth and feeling, "She Plays Bass" doubles a heartfelt ode to her friend Eliana, who, unsurprisingly, plays a mean bass. The sentiment comes through wholeheartedly in the lyrics, as beabadoobee lets the words "Wish I was more like you" repeat, free to float off into space. The cosmic tale of adoration could have been ripped straight from the very pages of beabadoobee's diary entries, which is exactly what makes every second of "She Plays Bass" so remarkable.

There is a marked, modern sentimentality to be found in the straightforward lyricism and a noted reverence to generations of indie rock, both of which never fail to hit their respective mark. This immaculate balance between nostalgia and novel is undeniably shaping up beabadoobee to emerge as a definitive artist of her generation.    

Watch the video for "She Plays Bass" below:    

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