BETWEEN FRIENDS Treated Fans with Real "affection"  This Valentine's Day [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


BETWEEN FRIENDS released something special for their fans this Valentine's Day. On social media, they announced that they posted a Late Night Session video for their single "affection." The indie-pop band's Late Night Sessions are live, stripped down YouTube videos for some of their more popular tracks.

Originally, the dreamy "affection" was released as a music video which served as a "visual love-letter to the ambiance and atmosphere of Los Angeles." The video follows the trio driving around LA in an open car.  The project is something out of a vintage daydream and is not only appealing to the eyes, but to our ears as well. BETWEEN FRIENDS' melodies are luscious and proof that this band is ready to release the rest of their project,  we just need some time together, which is set to premiere sometime this March.

BETWEEN FRIENDS comprises the brother sister duo of Brandon and Savannah Hudson with their drummer Brennan Benko. Brandon and Savannah were formerly part of the similar-sounding band, The Heirs. While Brandon is in charge of production from their home studio, and Savannah writes the lavish tunes, the band takes charge of everything they do creatively. From styling to directing to editing and photography, at least one member of the band is spearheading something.

Get familiar with BETWEEN FRIENDS below:

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