Cavetown's  'Man's Best Friend' Is an EP Always Ready to Embrace You


Photo: Polly Hanrahan

If there’s one thing you can count on in this life, it’s that your dog will always love you. Whether you’ve been broken up with, fired, or have just done something completely regrettable that not even your mom could condone, your dog will always be waiting at the door when you come home, a tail-wagging bundle of unconditional acceptance.  

Cavetown’s Man’s Best Friend EP is the sonic embodiment of this feeling. Intimate and nostalgic, validating yet introspective, the seven tracks build on each other to create an atmosphere of warmth while honestly examining some of life’s deepest complexities.  

Lyrically, no subject is off limits, just like a good friendship. Whether it’s regret, depression, or loneliness, Cavetown isn’t afraid to touch on the most vulnerable of human emotions. On the track "Guilty," Cavetown refers to man’s best friend as being on “first name terms with God” but feeling himself “like a scarecrow in someone else’s garden.” Then there’s deeply affecting single "Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me," an achingly honest representation of what it feels like to search for a friend who understands, made real with the lyrics “got nobody to listen, except for the friend I’m imagining…” Paired with atmospheric layering, the result is a collection of songs that embrace the catharsis of allowing oneself to fully feel.

Despite tackling dark emotions, Cavetown’s latest release retains an upbeat feeling, the same way a long conversation with a good friend can include both melancholy and laughter. “I Want to Meet Your Dog” (yes, big dog theme happening here) is a glowy, tongue-in-cheek track that showcases Cavetown’s atmospheric range. Similarly, “Idea of Her,” is sweetly melodic with plenty to relish for acoustic-lovers.

In accepting all the contrasting emotions of the human experience Cavetown has created an EP sure to become your next best friend. No matter what you’ve done, Man’s Best Friend is waiting to embrace you.

Listen to  Man’s Best Friend  below:

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