Cavetown's "Home" Video Is as Beautifully Delicate as His Voice

Photo Credit: Franks Maddocks

Some artists can't help but bare their souls to the world. Robin Skinner, known professionally as Cavetown, is one of them. The 20-year-old Brit has been breaking down the barrier between artist and listener with his heart-melting indie-pop since he launched his YouTube channel in 2014. His latest release, "Home," is a re-recording of one of the artist's earliest tracks that demonstrates the depth of growth that he has experienced since the original release in 2015.

The track is defined, like much of Cavetown's work, by the singer's vulnerable, delicate vocal painting a canvas of sheepishly confessional lyrics. The track opens with Cavetown admitting, "Often I am upset that I cannot fall in love / But I guess that avoids the stress of falling out of it," over an apathetic acoustic guitar. As the song matures, the singer's vocal is contoured by velvety violins and a swelling rhythm section, folding emotional layers into the arrangement as Skinner recites his inner monologue.

"Home" is accompanied by the release of a lyric video unlike any other. Creative director Taha Khan enlisted the help of London-based paper engineer Helen Friel to design a pop-up book bearing the song's words. The book, which took months of painstaking handmade effort to design, utilizes thousands of interlocking paper mechanisms to create imagery that draws from classic fairytales and the lyrics of the track itself. In the video, Cavetown turns through the pages in time with the song, curating a truly stunning visual that perfectly encapsulates his sound.

Cavetown will be performing all around Europe throughout the summer before headlining a series of dates in the UK and US in the fall. In the meantime, check out the lyric video for "Home" below:

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