Dean Lewis Questions His Self-Worth in the Stirring  "Looks Like Me"

With electric rhythm and imaginative groove, Dean Lewis reintroduces his sound with a mounting ballad of self-deprecating confusion and contemplation. “Looks Like Me," his latest single, features glamorized heartbreak and straight-to-the-point songwriting that highlights the insecurities of wanting commitment from someone you cannot have. Exploring the concept of individual choices and the effects of unrequited longing, Lewis defends the invalidation he has in his heart.

Lewis employs strategic, layered melodies with engaging and sympathetic lyrics that complement the emotional undercurrent of his latest stunner. His verses outline the relatable conversations and actions of a devastated and manipulated heart, only to turn inward throughout the chorus. "Cause I need someone who loves me / And I know it don’t come easily / And maybe I’m just not good enough at all to feel your love / So how am I supposed to let go / When you won’t let me let go / And maybe I’m just not good enough at all to feel your love," sings the artist. The simplicity of Lewis' questioning of his own self-worth can be felt and more importantly, understood by his audience.

"Looks Like Me" views self-doubt and how we value our own self-worth through a uniquely human lens. There is a stirring grace of anguish that transforms into a shared moment of empathy. Anthemic and heartbreaking in one fell swoop, Lewis' latest is a stirring addition to his already impressive discography.  

Watch the  "Looks Like Me" video below:

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