Holly Humberstone Pens an Ode to Her Best Friend "Scarlett"

With conversational and illuminating grace, Holly Humberstone confronts the heartbreak and aching questions that plague daily life. In her latest single, "Scarlett," she rips apart the insecurities placed on her best friend by an unworthy and toxic relationship. It is this emotional turmoil that builds the latest in a line of enthralling, vulnerable sonic diary entries detailing life's many lessons.

Using "Scarlett" as her emotional muse, Humberstone embodies the despair of unrequited affection. The track is set to appear on Humberstone's forthcoming EP, The Walls Are Way Too Thin, set to arrive  November 5 via Darkroom / Interscope / Polydor Records.  She writes, "Cause I cried all the summer away / You left me waiting on a heartbreak / … You know I adorе you / I don’t need you, now." With contrasting feelings outlined in the verses and chorus, Humberstone captures the sensitivity and humanity of a summer wasted and love lost.  

The music video for the track brings the story of  "Scarlett" to life, featuring a cameo from the titular best friend herself. Humberstone sets the scene in the video's description, writing, "I rly love the video for this track too, obviously the song is about Scarlett so she had to be in the video - especially after being named an 'emotional grim reaper' lol. The two of us break into an airport hanger, steal and spray paint an arctic truck, then I perform on the back of it as Scar drives it down the runway. It was honestly the most fun…"  

With all the angst and love in her heart, Humberstone takes the final word and makes it last in "Scarlett." It's as much of a fuck you to all the toxic partners out there as it is an ode to the best friends that keep us sane through it all.  

Watch the  "Scarlett" video below:

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