Janna Jamison Invites You to Let Go on Debut EP 'The Pulling My Clothes'


I think I speak for all of us when I say that this year has kicked my ass. From pandemic purgatory to the overwhelmingly busy space we all happen to find ourselves in now, 2021 has been anything but easy. Luckily, artists like Janna Jamison seem to have no issue stepping up to the plate and holding the year down while we all cling to what little sanity we have left. Following the release of her last two singles, the LA-based singer-songwriter returns this week with her debut project,  The Pulling My Clothes EP, and with it,  six honest and tender country-pop anthems that are sure to comfort you for the rest of the year.

Wedding her innermost ruminations with a musical style that synthesizes a seasoned love for country and pop music, Jamison's The Pulling My Clothes  is a tightly-woven yet laid-back release influenced by artists like Taylor Swift. Fans of which may gravitate towards tracks like "Pulling My Clothes" or "Freak" whose dulcet guitar swells and songwriting are so in tune with Janna's emotions that it sounds like the music is physically holding you (in a good way).  

Though Jamison may be an up-and-coming artist, The Pulling My Clothes  reflects a songwriter and performer with wisdom beyond her years. Each track is a courageous display of self, packaged as a cleverly-written and carefully-composed sonic and emotional outpouring.  

Listen to  The Pulling My Clothes below:

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