Sally Boy Finds the Truth in the Lies We Tell Ourselves [Q&A]


Photo:  Elias Ginsberg

In an electric whirlwind of energy, reflection, and self-acceptance, Sally Boy comes into his artistry in his latest EP, Lies I Tell Myself. The versatility of his vocals blend gracefully with the cohesive production. With room left for creativity and diversity in style, he explores an introspective vulnerability that lends to the emotionally-charged mix of tracks. Lies I Tell Myself is an ode to where this artist is right now.

Now based in Los Angeles, Sally Boy originally  began curating his talents in his native Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Born Erez Potok-Holmes, the stage name originated from his debut single, titled "Sally Boy." Using art to explore his identity, purpose, and lessons learned, Sally Boy has captured hearts and started conversations within his music.

Following the recent release of his single, "Thought I Was Dead," Sally Boy has given fans a full eight-track EP, released via Loud Robot. Lies I Tell Myself emphasizes the realization of growth and its effects, both internally and externally. As he discerns the lies, he finds the truth and hopes listeners may too.

Ones to Watch: Tell me about yourself. Who is Sally Boy?

Sally Boy: Sally Boy is a semi-aquatic land creature. In my free time though I make music cause that shits dope.

Your music is intentional and is deeper than the lighthearted vibe that is often initially perceived. How do you balance expectation and authenticity in the creative process?  

I just do what's true to me. Trust my intuition and create a product that's inherently me. Cause at the end of the day I just want to show people ME. I think that's what people fw. Think having that duality of energy and depth is also essential in creating a song/product that'll last. People come for the excitement and stick around for the meaning. Pretty easy peasy.

Tell me about the importance of complementary art in regard to your music and personal journey.

Other art forms are instrumental in helping me create musically or fully service a song. Creative outlets like The Sally Boy Show do for me what watching movies or reading books do. Invigorate creatively, motivating me to approach music from a new place. Artwork on the other hand is a way to properly represent my music. Give it a visual counterpart that best suits what I’ve created sonically.

You told Variety, "I've been keeping touch with my younger self the past few months and he's hyped." How do you maintain that youthful energy  and genuine love for making music as you dive deeper into the industry?

Man, it's hard. I'll tell you that. For sure something I don’t regularly succeed in. But I find ways to reinvigorate myself when music feels stale. It always helps to find new ways of approaching music. New sounds, things to build on. I've had a lot of fun changing how I utilize guitars. Makin' em don't even sound like guitars anymore. There's actually so much to do with guitar it's crazy. But what truly makes me continue to love music and art is how much there is that I still have to learn. How can I ever feel complacent in my art, repeat myself, when there's so many new sounds yet to master? It's impossible.

Lies I Tell Myself encapsulates an array of genres and styles while retaining  a cohesive sound. Can you walk us through your creative process and intentions for this EP?

My intention overall was to sort of hold myself accountable for these little lies I tell myself. Put myself on blast to all these people be like "look at what i do!" Setting myself up to be a little more honest. And being more honest through my lyrics throughout. I think every song in this project is a practice of what I’m trying to do, which is to be thoroughly transparent with myself and others.

Speaking on cohesiveness though I think what ties it all together is that bit of me in every song. There's something inherently Sally there. It varies song to song but it's always present. I don't know what it is and I don’t think I want to know, it's what makes the magic and mystery of it all.

The EP is called, Lies I Tell Myself, so let's switch it up. What is something you've found to be true and, if given the opportunity, you would tell your younger self?

That music is in essence human, and the best thing it can offer, is an immaculate one-of-a-kind connection with others. To create implicitly with collaborators and have strong bonds with strangers is something that music alone can offer.

Sally Boy's Lies I Tell Myself is available everywhere you can stream it.

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