The Driver Era's "A Kiss" Video Is the Perfect Blend of Nostalgia and Creativity

Photo: Anna Lee

Creativity is a way of life. The act of creation and using one’s mind in an innovative manner is a complex and necessary aspect of existence. Artistry and knowledge tend to be placed on opposite sides of the spectrum. When, in reality, creativity is often used in conjunction with intelligence. Without those little moments of creative curiosity, where we stray from a perceived norm or protocol, we wouldn’t have cellphones, microwavable popcorn (seriously, look it up), and the eclipsing music of the brothers behind The Driver Era.

Rocky and Ross Lynch, the masterminds behind The Driver, have just debuted a music video for one of their latest songs, “A Kiss,” and it’s got the makings of a classic. The late '80s style video is pumped with traces of Elvis, a dash of the 2000s indie rock greatness, and packaged with the brother’s unique ever-changing sound.  

Ross’ stellar dance moves throughout the video add an upbeat flair to Rocky’s deep, funky bass, elevating the classic feeling the song delivers oh so well. “A Kiss” is the Driver Era’s personal brush of creativity, administering one gigantic conglomeration of different eras into one fluid, upbeat American-dream-esque fantasy. It is aa fantasy that their fans can use as a juxtaposition to a John Hughes film or “the feeling of drinking coca-cola and smoking cigarettes."  

Listening to "A Kiss” elicits the same feeling of pulling into the parking lot of a local arcade to play some retro video games during the late '90s. It’s a sort of nostalgia that is so distant, I’m not even sure if it truly belongs to me.  The brothers pride themselves on the timelessness and dexterity of their sound and note that their creativity is a product of their deep connection with one another. Rose spoke further on the sentiment, sharing,    

“A while ago I was reading a book that talked about how if you and a person are able to connect deeply enough, you almost form a third consciousness. I think Rocky and I have that on some level. I don’t think either of us has felt so creatively charged up in a long time, and it’s just a really cool feeling. The whole thing’s opened up our minds in this amazing way.”

When he’s not honing his musical creativity, Ross is busy serving as a critically acclaimed actor. His most recent praise comes from his title role in the serial-killer biopic My Friend Dahmer, and he is currently starring in Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Although the brothers are just as powerful a part, we cannot help but swoon over the brilliantly crafted projects they’ve created together.  

Rocky and Ross Lynch of the Driver Era are the frontmen of the gradual postmodern movement in music, shifting their own experimental creativity into hyperdrive, all while incorporating sweet homages to a time well before their own.

Watch the video for “A Kiss” below:

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