Turbo Shows Off a Gritty Candor in "18"


10K Projects has a knack for signing left-of-center acts, be it avant-garde trap savant Trippie Redd, indie-pop group Peach Tree Rascals, or "type-beat" collective Internet Money. Internet Money signee Turbo is no different.  

The Calgary-bred artist sits squarely at the intersection of pop, rap, and country. Like fellow country rappers Lil Nas X and BRELAND, Turbo is relentless in testing the boundaries of the genre.

Turbo released his debut single "Heart Stop" in early May, followed quickly by "Racing After Me" and the Tiger King-inspired "Bo Exotic." Now, the Internet Money protégé is back with a new track titled "18."  

Opening with the line, "I think your mama hates me," the single puts Turbo's gritty candor on full display. "18" sees the singer stray from his country tendencies; his layered vocals dance around a pop-leaning electric guitar riff as the accompanying drums keep the beat.

The track elicits a tugging sense of nostalgia, as Turbo sings about time-traveling back to the age of 18. The guitar-led instrumental fleshes out the feeling of longing, only further underscoring his post-breakup blues.

So far, Turbo is four for four in terms of singles. One can only guess what the rest of the year holds in store for the rising artist.

Listen to  "18" below:

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