Wallows Make the Most of Quarantine, Release New Single and Announce Forthcoming EP

Photo:  Nikoli Partiyeli

For some, quarantine has proven itself to be remarkably productive. Me? I've spent the vast majority of it perfecting Bon Appétit's chocolate chip cookie recipe. Los Angeles-based trio Wallows? Well, they went ahead and spent quarantine making an entire new EP. I'd say the efforts are about equal.

"Nobody Get Me (Like You)" arrives as the lead single from the Wallows' forthcoming quarantine-produced EP,  Remote, which is set to arrive October 23. And if it is any indication, we are in for quite the treat.

Making the most of their trademark brand of hypnotic indie pop, "Nobody Gets Me (Like You)" unfurls like a constantly-expanding kaleidoscope. Every second is packed to the fullest, pitting the fuzz of heavily-reverbed instrumentation against euphoric lovestruck lyrics. However, this is no ordinary love at first sight piece of sonic saccharine, a face we soon realize as we come face to face with lead singer Braeden Lemasters' object of affection.

The accompanying music video picks up where the leftfield drive-thru interlude featured in their "OK" video left off, with drummer Cole Preston finally getting his fries curled. Fries in hand and one quick detour later, we soon find ourselves at a house party that looks like it was torn straight out of the early 2000s. As Lemasters' wanders off, we are inevitably introduced to his dream girl - himself sporting a drop-dead gorgeous wig. I guess it's true what they say. There's no love like self-love.  

Listen to "Nobody Gets Me (Like You)" below:

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