Bruno Major Re-Introduces Himself With "We Were Never Really Friends"

I think it’s time to use a personal day – Bruno Major has released his first single since the world stopped and started again. 

“We Were Never Really Friends” reintroduces us to the lush landscape of Bruno Major’s songwriting, laden with fresh foliage after the artist’s 3 year hiatus. 

Opening with delicate piano, Major begins the tale of a fated romance. It feels very familiar to the Bruno Major sound we know and love, shimmering in its understated genius and effortless flow through colorful harmony. But, it also feels fresh, accessing new bounds of the artist’s influences. There’s hints of Queen in the guitar solo, clean but crooning with emotion. Moments of electronic filtering nod to pop inspirations, adorning the track with exciting hints of a new Bruno Major era. 

The cinematic single is accompanied by an equally picturesque visualizer, transporting listeners to a scenic montage of the relationship’s downfall. The video spirals out of its tranquility as the story begins to shatter, shifting from serene ocean stills to dizzying motion and arguments in the headlights of a crashed Mercedes. But, much like the sonic palette of “We Were Never Really Friends,” the visualizer holds onto its romantic lens even as the relationship crumbles. We remain awash in this hazy film grain nostalgia and peaceful piano ballad while the lyrics and arrangement grow in intensity. 

Marking the end of a 3 year lapse in tunes, "We Were Never Really Friends" is a stunning re-introduction for Bruno Major. Glimmering with all of the heart-aching tones we know the songwriter for, alongside lively classic rock influences, this song hints at exciting ventures in this new era of Bruno Major. 

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