10 Artists You Should Celebrate This Cancer Season


Ladies and gentleman... It's Cancer season. From June 21 to July 23, Ariana Grande to Kevin Abstract, Cancers everywhere will be turning a year older and taking in their season in the spotlight. Before we celebrate some of our ten favorite musically-gifted water signs, let's discuss what will be going down in July.

With a new moon in Cancer, it's time to start something new. Since this new moon is an eclipse, any new projects can grow and flourish over the next six months rather than the typical four. On July 7, Mercury will be in retrograde until July 31. Don't panic! Just be wary of making big decisions and keep your schedule flexible. There will also be a partial lunar eclipse on July 16.

This Cancer season means: let your emotions flow, talk to your mother, and follow your instincts. I think it's time we all tap into our inner Cancer and reflect on some of our favorite artists born under this zodiac.

Solange - Born on June 24, 1986

Solange embodies one of Cancer's most defining traits - strong familial affairs. Between signing with her father's Music World Entertainment label at a young age, to working with her sister Beyoncé on multiple projects, family -  along with her southern roots - are what make Solange Solange. Home is where the heart is for Cancers, and the R&B singer manifests that.

Solange's latest project, When I Get Home, transports listeners to her hometown of Houston, Texas. The album is an ode to her roots, and is the perfect listen during this astrological season.

Cuco -  Born on June 26, 1998

Cuco's latest single, "Feelings," says it all. The 21-year-old Cancer makes introspective, emotional music full of synth sounds and captivating lyrics. Between songs that dive into love/hate relationships like "Bossa No Sé" to drawing inspiration from impactful experiences in "Hydrocodone," the bilingual singer never fails to draw from his heart in his music. Like a true Cancer, he uses his vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness.

Ariana Grande -  Born on June 26, 1993

Ariana Grande exemplifies so many key traits of Cancers - she's loyal to friends, fans, and family. She is also unafraid to share her emotions through her music, but she doesn't let her feelings stop her from hard work. Her ability to deal with stressful and life-altering experiences, while also continuously releasing new music and touring, makes it hard not to praise this Cancer for her drive and ambition. Cancers have strong persistence  to overcome obstacles, and Grande is a figure who is a symbol of that strength.  

With her latest album, thank u, next,  Grande encapsulates the importance of connecting with yourself, family, and friends; and how these ties invoke growth. Watch this Cancer's creative, comedic, and glamorous video for her track "thank u, next" below:

H.E.R. -  Born on June 27, 1997

In typical Cancer fashion, H.E.R. is not afraid to be vulnerable, and we are so thankful for that. As one of the zodiac's most feminine, receptive signs, this Cancer dives deep into her music, full of sensuality and passion.

Cancer's are a highly compassionate sign with deep emotional intelligence, and those vibes are woven throughout this artist's music. H.E.R.'s music is a unified voice for women. Cancer rules the fourth house of women, home, and family, so not only are people thinking more about their families during Cancer season, they should take time to pay respect to all females everywhere.

H.E.R.'s feminist voice makes her discography the perfect listen for this Cancer season. And if you want to listen to some music about love and loss, H.E.R. is the one for you.  

Oliver Tree -  Born on June 29, 1993

Where do I begin?  Oliver Tree is undeniably chaotic, but don't judge a book by its cover. This artist encapsulates a major trait of those born in Cancer season - he has a wide imagination. He makes his vivid creativity a strength of his in order to shock fans with his projects.

Though this Cancer is often declared as an alt-rock goofball, his music dives into serious topics such as concern for loved ones and criticism of one self. He's actually pretty empathetic and really in touch with his emotions, like those born during Cancer season.

Unwind and and let loose with Tree's catchy yet meaningful music. You can watch the video for his track "Miracle Man" below and read what we have to say about it here.

Saweetie -  Born on July 2, 1993

Saweetie is unapologetic when it comes to assessing her feelings, needs, and wants. Cancer is a sign that values self-nurture, and Saweetie makes decisions based off of what is best for her growth.

Cancer's spread good vibes and so does this singer's music. Cancers are known for being extremely helpful and caring, but sometimes they are overwhelmed with a strong need for some alone time. Saweetie  loves intimate studio sessions because she said sometimes, you just have to get the job done with little frills by yourself (and maybe one other person). Saweetie says that she leans towards creative people who are genuine and honest because those are the best people to work with.

Bibi Bourelly -  Born on July 14, 1994

Bibi Bourelly says she has a very good sense of judgement, something Cancer's often have, and she moved to Los Angeles from the east coast by herself with limited connections in the city. By taking risks, Bourelly has become the artist she is today.

Cancers are creative forces, so it is to no surprise that Bourelly has written bangers for Rihanna’s album Anti, along with pursuing her own solo career. She's worked with artists such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne, GoldLink, and more. Bourelly takes risks in her songwriting and is unafraid of discussing sensitive subjects and opinions in her music. Her risks result in heavenly, passionate R&B magic.

Kevin Abstract - Born on July 16, 1996

Kevin Abstract makes music that is deeply personal and poetic. Abstract is the founding member of Brockhampton, a rap/R&B group that put out a dizzying number of albums in a short amount of time. The group was quickly catapulted into the spotlight as they continuously released new projects. In 2019, Abstract decided to shift his focus on his second full length solo project Arizona Baby. In the album, Abstract covers topics such as growing up gay in a Mormon household, broken relationships, overcoming obstacles, and more.  

In true Cancer fashion, Abstract hustles to get stuff done. When a Cancer is working on a project, they will roll up their sleeves and work as hard as they can to produce something they are proud of. Abstract is not only afraid to write about music that taps into his deep emotions and past, but he seamlessly produces evocative music that is endlessly catchy and undeniably relevant.

Kali Uchis -  Born on July 17, 1994

This Cancer season, taking a few minutes to sit down and listen to Kali Uchis' music might help bring out those emotions you've been waiting to pour out. The singer's latest track "Time" is all about taking time for yourself to grow, and with a feature from Mac Miller, how can you not be emotional? The artist has worked with many artists, from Tyler, the Creator to Steve Lacy.  

Cancers are a paradoxical - they are known as caretakers and nurtures but you would also definitely hit their line to accompany you on a fun night out. Uchis may seem like a gentle, caring Cancer at times, but she's also the type of person you would want to hangout with at a club.  

There's never a bad time to listen to this Cancer's music because she has a song for every mood. Watch the video for  "After The Storm," featuring Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins below.

Maggie Lindemann -  Born on July 21, 1998

Cancers are full of love and care, as well as a high intuition.  Maggie Lindemann isn't afraid to speak her mind, whether that be reading people like in her song "Obsessed" or opening up in her latest track "Friends Go." Like a typical Cancer, her music touches themes of the importance of relationships. Uncertainty is also dabbled in a few of her songs, which is typical of those born during Cancer season. So let's hope Lindemann is treating herself this month and indulging in her feelings positively!

Watch the video for this Cancer artist's song "Friends Go" below, and read what Ones to Watch has written about the track and video here.

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