Sip on BETWEEN FRIENDS' "orange juice" Ahead of Newly Announced 'cutie'  EP


Alt-pop duo BETWEEN FRIENDS continue to float to the forefront of the pop scene with their latest single, “orange juice.” The pair, comprised of brother and sister duo Brandon and Savannah Hudson, shine on the dreamy and colorful track, enticing listeners to stay hooked on the sonic fantasy they’ve created.

The single opens with a mix of sun-soaked synths and nostalgic R&B instrumentation before Savannah’s warm and sweet vocals seize listeners’ attention. “When creating ‘orange juice,’ we wanted to write a song that was as colorful as possible,” says the duo. “Lyrically, the song touches on making the ultimate unexpected fantasy out of something as simple as a comedown from a night out.”

The song continues to lead listeners through lush percussion, lilting guitar riffs, and catchy vocals. The short but sweet single becomes a glowy, almost trippy experience that is just begging to be played on repeat as we blossom from spring to summer. “Pairing this with sonics reminiscent of cartoons and a groove made after listening to a lot of D'Angelo’s 'Voodoo,’ we hope that the song will take you on a small mental trip,” adds BETWEEN FRIENDS.

“orange juice” follows the duo's previous single “more” and paves the way for their anxiously awaited new cutie EP. “'orange juice’ was one of the first songs we made for the project,” the siblings share. “It actually set the tone for all of cutie really. We never really like to plan out our sonics, they usually just come about when we are working in the studio together. Once we made this song, we kind of knew what direction we wanted to take the rest of the music for the tape. We held on to this one for so long and tried it so many different ways. The final is a result of us sticking to our gut and keeping it like it was when we started it.”

The duo personally announced the project on social media, followed by a tracklisting reveal, which can be checked out below. This summer, BETWEEN FRIENDS will perform their first-ever live show at Governors Ball in New York City on June 10.

cutie EP Tracklist:
1. "hiii"
2. "navigate"
3. "orange juice"
4. "laurel"
5. "make more friends"
6. "try"
7. "more"
8. "babygirl"
9. "tall"

Listen to  "orange juice" below:

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