Our Wildest Anti-Pop Dream Just Came True with Wallows & Clairo's "Are You Bored Yet?"


Photo: Alexis Jade Gross

I guess anti-pop dreams do come true. Fulfilling our wildest fantasies that we never knew we had, indie rock trio Wallows and bedroom pop darling Clairo just dropped the collaborative dreamscape that is "Are You Bored Yet?"  

The new single sees two of anti-pop's brightest stars joining forces for a track that defines the genre. "Are You Bored Yet?" contains all the overflowing joy of conventional pop but delves into intricate bouts of indie rock instrumentation, all while existing in a heavenly haze of lyricism that speaks to the tinge of melancholy surrounding a listless summer day.  

The end result? "Are You Bored Yet?" is easily one of the most addicting tracks we have heard in quite some time. Wallows has crafted a song that compels to let it run on repeat, while you dance around in your room, lip-synching "Cause we could stay at home and watch the sunset/ But I can't help from asking are you bored yet?" alongside the wholly infectious chorus. Wallows and Clairo's  idyllic melodic blend is quite literally and figuratively music to our ears.    

Like any standout musical offering, "Are You Bored Yet?" is the gift that keeps on giving. Wallows also dropped a karaoke-turned-nightmare of a music video for their striking new single. Seeing frontman Dylan Minette deliver a karaoke performance that quickly devolves into a surreal Twin Peaks and Ault Swim hybrid, the music video for "Are You Bored Yet?" is a sight to behold. Bonus points for anyone who spots a cameo from our favorite sun-soaked punk rockers The Regrettes.

Watch the video for "Are You Bored Yet?" below and keep an eye out for Wallows' debut album, Nothing Happens, due out Feb. 1:

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